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Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive and safe space.

Sara Fenwick, MS/LCPC
In Augusta, ME

I have a passion for helping couples work through their growing pains, individuals determine their potential, find empowerment, overcome trauma or anxiety (which is typically the number one reason why you may be feeling stuck), and move forward towards a path you feel is best for you.  I can’t wait to begin the next chapter with you! 

Areas Of Expertise

Life can be challenging these days. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you in what feels like an impossible situation, job, relationship, or having difficulties with children/child? Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Any of these issues can leave you feeling alone, at a loss, and even stuck. Therapy can be a positive way to begin your journey of figuring out how you got to where you are, how to manage the symptoms that are making your life unbearable, and what choices you want to make to change your life’s trajectory.