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About Sara Fenwick


My name is Sara Fenwick and I have worked both in the Augusta community and therapeutically since 2003. I have worked in family homes, schools, outpatient clinics, and now in my own private practice. I work therapeutically with you to determine what the best approach will be; CBT, EMDR, DBT, or a more synergistic/mindfulness approach depending on what your needs are. Each client’s journey is their own and because of this may look and sound different for you. Therapy is a deeply private experience! I do most work with couples and individuals although at times families come together for sessions based on need. I thoroughly enjoy watching transformations happen for people, connections being made, and ultimately for people to feel ready for discharge!

I have a passion for helping couples work through their growing pains, individuals determine their potential, find empowerment, overcome trauma or anxiety (which is typically the number one reason why you may be feeling stuck), and move forward towards a path you feel is best for you. I can’t wait to begin the next chapter with you!

Sara Fenwick